Our vision back in 2016 was to provide workshops for young people to learn skills which involve using not just their hands but also their individual creativity. As a Primary Teacher I felt frustrated with how Design & Technology was mostly limited to a sheet with a box to draw and write about you design. Everything was very prescribed and quite frankly uninspiring! I saw so many children deflated and put off because they were expected to write about their designs and felt restricted in their design process because of this.

We felt passionate about all children, especially individuals who didn’t respond to sitting down and copying a whiteboard (like us!) having the chance to be physical, be trusted with high grade tools and giving them the opportunity to create very special, personal projects from basic, unprepared materials such as lumber and old car springs.

There is currently a lot of talk about forest schools and how we need to encourage our next generation to connect with nature and be outdoors. We are very much in agreement to this and we also believe it should be available to all and it doesn’t just stop at chopping wood, starting a fire and turning a pine cone into a hedgehog! We believe there needs to be another level. Why can’t a 4 year old use a saw? Why can’t a 8 year old child with ADHD learn how to use a lathe? Why can’t a 10 year old girl learn smithing skills? It may seem incredibly risky to someone who has not seen what happens in our workshops but you would be amazed!

The bottom line is – people flourish when they are connecting their mind, body and spirit, when they are focused on creating something individual in the social, open, friendly and respectful environment we provide. There is trust, reverence, focus, determination and huge amounts of pride and self esteem flowing in our workshops! You only have to glance at MMW’s testimonials to understand the value of this work.

We see it all the time. We want everyone to!


We began MMW in Heanor at out home. We run all our regular workshops from the structures we have built outside our home. We run events in Asbourne New House Farm which is a stunning organic place out towards Staffordshire, also for councils and private enterprises.

Our vision is to source an outdoor space in Derbyshire we can build on and develop into a marvellously thriving creative community hub.

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