Traditional Photography

Age Range: 10 years +
Block of 6 sessions x 2hours
After School sessions 1.5hours

Step into another dimension and experience the magic and visual alchemy of black & white film photography. Harry Potter’s got nothing on us!

Everything you require for the workshop is included on the day. Every participant is given a 35mm manual camera with lens and film to use for the duration of the workshop and 2 sheets of printing paper.

• The history of the photographic image.
• The manual SLR camera and its settings.
• Film, ISO and loading the film in the camera.
• Metering & exposure techniques.
• Composition and subject in black and white photography.
• Develop your film by hand.
• Print a contact sheet and choose your favourite to enlarge by hand.

During the student’s first session we begin with explore manual cameras and film.

MMW’s very unique CAMERAvan on site, has individual areas for printing and a teaching area for group work. Inside our CAMERAvan our students experience the camera obscura and giant interactive mechanical inner workings of a single lens reflex camera which brings the magic of the camera alive and helps understand what is happening when they manipulate the settings on their camera.

Our students then explore exposure, lighting, tonal range and the use of filters before passing completely into the abstract world of black and white composition.

We’ll explore photographing different subjects during the first few sessions before learning about the stages of processing before loading your film in a developing tank and process it for real.

We will be learning about how the subject of the photograph and the composition can tell a story and we’ll experiment with expressing our thoughts and ideas through photographic imagery.

Previous knowledge of using an SLR camera on manual is not necessary.
However ability to read a camera meter and adjust shutter speed and aperture to obtain a correct exposure is essential.

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