Mr Mee

Academia was never my strong point.  
School for me just didn’t spark my imagination and certainly didn’t do much for my self-esteem!
Moving from school into the workplace I began to  learning skills with my hands which ignited a passion in me for learning new things.  From building to carpentry, to forging and onward.  
Within my employment I was tasked with training young people who, like me, hadn’t had the right path at school.  
Through teaching these young adults to hone their skills showed me that some children and young adults just need a different type of approach to learning to what is standardised by the state.  
Given the right opportunities every young person can find a passion they love and excel in, they just need to try every door and I like to try and hold those doors open for my students. 

Ruth Mee

  I have always been fascinated with creative processes, a strong connection from my heart to my hands despite the constant struggle I had at school being caught in an ‘academic trap’ and labelled as “bright with potential” which only resulted in anxiety for me.

I just wanted to “make stuff” and express myself! So despite gaining my degree in Fine Art and going on to complete my PCGE and teaching in mainstream schools for 15 years all I truly wanted to do was simply “be creative” and explore our magical world! I wanted to share this passion with everyone and always believed in the power of creative, collaborative projects in our community.

Back in Sheffield I was a Community Arts Developer for the North East for many years which was very much about life-long learning and opportunities for all, despite age, gender, or status.

I set up, designed and delivered workshops/events for local people, particularly who were faced with challenges, such as recovering alcoholics, young parents, older adults and the homeless. Over this time I had overwhelmingly positive experiences, witnessing how these opportunities had such a life-changing impact on people, families and our community as a whole.

My practices included photography, sculpture, drama & performance and painting mainly. I also became very involved in projects to raise ecological awareness in the community and eco-built an information bureau to run my workshops from.

I came to Derbyshire, Heanor purely to access a local Steiner Waldorf school for my daughter (very much the Scandinavian approach to learning) as I was becoming more and more deflated with mainstream teaching; the award systems and behaviour charts, and the standardised testing.

I then set up my own business delivering drama and art workshops to schools and community groups in the holidays. I then began to home educate my own daughter which opened up doors to the wonderful home educating community.  

At some point during this ‘rumble’ I met my marvellous husband, Mr Mee, gained two even more marvellous stepsons (6,10) I gave birth a year ago to our beautiful bonny boy, and since then we have collided most magically in both family life and work! 

I founded MMW in October 2016 and I am so excited about the possibilities of this life-changing work!

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