Blacksmithing For Kids

We have seen so many young people transform during their time with us at MMW.  Our Hot Monster Metal groups are very special as they are small, intimate groups of no more than 6 students. 

 During this time they develop strength, not only in body but in mind.  They become focused and determined.  We see that both their technical and social skills become strong and they develop into marvellously confident and proud young people, worthy of a blacksmith apprentice!

Health & Safety 

As an essential starting point our Hot Monster Metallers learn about health and safety and how to identify risk. Each new piece of equipment has been demonstrated and Mr Mee’s experiences as an engineer and teacher,  so teach student has a better understanding of what is expected to happen and what could happen.


A Deeper Understanding

Depending on how long each student has been with us they develop an ability to talk through and explain to new students how it works.


Explaining why they are doing what they are doing to new students builds on their learning and confidence.

Through the process of each student explaining the theory of the processes strengthens their understanding and also aids Mr Mee’s observation of their individual development.

Instills Intuition

The heat and colours and even sounds inform our Hot Monster Metallers of how it works.

They start to understand the significance of flame size, fire type and constantly assess, becoming incredibly intuitive which is marvellous to witness.


That this introduces work place and work type to them so that when they move on to the wider world they’re already assessing every aspect of the job without even realising it

Builds Confidence and Self-Awareness

Once their unique masterpiece is finished, our children are so proud of their accomplishments. It increases their belief in themselves which, in turn, boosts their self-confidence.

Individuality and Innovation

There is no set design.  Our students are never told what the next process is because each individual is encouraged to talk through the possible processes they can think of to make an informed choice which is the best option for them.

Dealing with Anxiety

Some young people can be unsure of  what we are doing and what they are expected to do which can be very apprehensive but friendly discussion and lots of fun within the group, along with careful direction we are able to help them through these anxieties to progress their learning.

Is a Young Person Ready for Hot Metal Work?

We advise that our students are 11 years and above.
However, we have had younger students who have moved into blacksmithing from doing woodworking sessions.

Age is a guideline but what a young blacksmith needs is attitude and a little bit of experience.  Can they hold a hammer for example?

We run full day sessions in the holidays and regular weekly 2hr workshops in blocks of 6.

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