Woodworking For Kids

Our workshops are mixed in age and gender, as we do not believe that either of these things dictate how capable you are at woodworking.

It doesn’t’ matter so much about age, but attitude! We also think that in a mixed learning environment young people thrive. They learn empathy, trust, and respect as well as woodworking skills.

Our regular sessions run 6 times a year. Each block includes 6 sessions to allow each student to learn an expansive range of skills and take home a marvellous woodwork project they will be proud of forever.

We have watched our marvellous students grow over the past few years along with their own individual projects!

Improves Fine Motor Manipulation and Strength

While woodworking, they  learn how to measure and mark out, accurately. They saw, hammer, chisel, plane and drill. This helps build motor strength as well as visual skills, design processes and planning.

Enhances Spatial Awareness

Woodworking helps our children enhance their visual-spatial skills which is crucial for reading readiness. As our students build, they have to understand spatial organisation in order to create something.

Encourages Thinking and Reasoning

Every time a child builds and creates, they have to use reasoning and critical thinking skills. They also have to problem solve when something does not work the way they hoped it would. These skills are what make children become well-rounded, independent and happy adults!

Involves Focus and Patience

It helps build their ability to focus for longer periods of time. It also teaches the important skill of patience. Many parents and teachers are surprised at how many of our students are consumed by their task, when normally their child would find it a challenge to concentrate.

Sparks the Imagination!

Woodworking allows children to create not just practical objects but beautifully crafted woodwork from their own fantasy worlds and stories. Using the imagination boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth. As they create craft pieces, they also create stories which leads to greater verbal skills including their ability to tell stories.

Builds Confidence

Once their unique masterpiece is finished, our children are so proud of their accomplishments. It increases their belief in themselves which, in turn, boosts their self-confidence.

Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills

When woodworking, our students need to decide what will or won’t work. They have to think quickly and re-adjust designs when needed. This helps develop important problem solving skills which are needed in life.

Helps Develop Numeracy Skills

Mathematical concepts are introduced such as counting, adding, subtracting, measurements and geometry as our students design and create their work.

Introduction to Science 

Through woodworking our students learn to experiment and make new discoveries about how things work and the properties of materials. They are also introduced to wonderful world of mechanics and design which brings them into the STEM world.

Are your kids not ready for woodworking?

Some children are either too little or just not interested in woodwork. In our Messy Moments sessions we often introduce woodworking techniques by drilling with paint brushes and splatting paint-soaking sponges with mallets!

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